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What we can do! Connect the dots

Many people recognize the obvious and subtle values of streams and view their benefits as an essential part of their lives. They see themselves as part of these systems, not apart from them. They know that they can do their part to protect and even to restore degraded streams to their natural free-flowing condition.

There's plenty for us to do-as individuals, consumers, members of organizations, business leaders, citizens, voters, and taxpayers. The first step is like an unnumbered "connect the dots" exercise, where we begin to connect our day-to-day choices with the condition of our rivers and streams. The food we eat, the products we use, the business solutions we create, the way we contribute our time and money-all of these decisions can be acts of leaving natural capital to future generations instead of incurring further debt.

In the following examples, we offer some practical ideas of things that each of us can do every day to protect our water resources. We also highlight actions that a variety of people have taken to express their commitment to healthy river systems. We hope their innovation and leadership inspire each of you, as they have us, to connect the way we live with the quality of the natural systems that support us.

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