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Introduction How Rivers Run Stories Value Of A River What We Can Do
Introduction: Beauty, Order, Productivity
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The snow melts on the mountain
And the water runs down to the spring,
And the spring in a turbulent fountain,
With a song of youth to sing,
Runs down to the riotous river,
And the river flows to the sea,
And the water again
Goes back in rain
To the hills where it used to be...

-"The Song of the River," William Randolph Hearst, N.Y. Journal American, Feb. 25, 1941

Sit awhile by Hearst's mountain stream. Rest on a rocky ledge, pull your hiking boots off, and soak your feet in the icy water. Watch the braid of water rushing white between boulders, splashing down a waterfall, racing through a rocky gorge. Trout dart like shadows behind the rocks, and the ratcheting call of a kingfisher echoes overhead, where the canopy of trees merges, casting their shadows over the water.

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