Lake Maps

A new addition to the web site, more than 4500 scanned lake depth maps are available for viewing and printing.

Web browsers such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer can't view these images directly. You must install additional image viewing software (Netscape plugin, ActiveX component or stand-alone application) capable of displaying TIFF Group 4 compressed images or Adobe PDF files. Listed below are some software packages that are known to support these format. (Please note that the information in the TIFF and PDF versions are EXACTLY the same.)

Which format to use? Depends. Software that displays the TIFF versions is generally more flexible and will allow users to do things like rotate and annotate the maps. Because PDF files and the Adobe PDF reader are so common, many users may find it more convenient to use the PDF files. Your mileage may vary. Both formats can be used to generate very usable maps on standard 8.5" by 11" paper. (Keep in mind that print quality is greatly affected by the image scan quality and the type of printer you're using.)

Getting the Lake Maps

To retrieve a map you may use the Lake Finder or the Recreation Compass. Links to existing maps can be found at the bottom of each lake survey report. In addition you can search for lakes by name or by county and get direct access to either the lake survey report or the lake map. Try it out here!


Image Viewing Software

The software listed below supports the TIFF Group 4 compression format or PDF files. We make no endorsements regarding the companies listed. Users are reminded that they download and install software at their own risk.

Company Cost Involved Platform(s) Notes
Adobe Acrobat Reader no Win/Mac/Unix Plugin/ActiveX/Application
TMSSequoia yes, demo available Win/Mac/Unix Plugin/ActiveX
VisionShape no Win 95/NT Plugin
Microsoft/Wang no Win 95/NT Application
GraphicConverter shareware Mac Application
ImageMagick no Unix/Win NT Application
CPIC yes, demo available Win 95/NT/3.1 and Mac Application
PaintShop Pro yes, demo available Win 95/NT/3.1 Application
Corel PhotoPaint yes Win 95/NT 4.0 Application
Quick View Plus yes Win 3.1/95 Plugin/ActiveX

Do you know of other software that supports these images? If so, please let us know so that we may list it here. Contact

Sample Images

  • Leech Lake TIFF/PDF (270k)
  • Lake Mille Lacs TIFF/PDF (211K)
  • Lake Minnetonka TIFF/PDF (337K)
  • Lake Waconia TIFF/PDF(163k)

    About the Images

    All lake map images are at a 300 x 300 resolution and are in a TIFF Group 4 compression format. (PDF versions were created from the original TIFF images.) All images lie geographically within the State of Minnesota. Some images are re-maps of lakes but no two images are the same. The age of this information range from the 1930's through the mid 1990's. Although the Lake Mapping Unit made every effort to ensure accuracies in this information, this information is provided as is. No warranties are made to the quality and/or accuracy of this information.

    This information is Copyrighted 1998 by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Division of Fish and Wildlife, Section of Ecological Services, Lake Map Unit. For further details on this information, to report bad information, or to obtain literature on obtaining the copyright to this information please write to or call:

    Minnesota DNR, Division of Fish and Wildlife
    Section of Ecological Services, Lake Mapping Unit
    500 Lafayette Road
    St Paul, MN. 55155-4025
    (651) 296-2835