Darin Ostertag

"They are a major part of our ecosystem and they act like a filter for drinking water and support a wide variety of fish and other aquatic species. It means recreation too."

Andrew Weaver, teacher at Stillwater High School

"What we're doing today, Stillwater High School environmental biology students, are doing a longitudinal study that we've had ongoing for five or six years now, going to the same two parts of Brown's Creek and gathering water quality information, so that every year we can compare what this year's water quality data is like compared to previous years.

"And we're doing at least two different things: we're looking at the bugs to get an idea of the living parameters, and then we're looking at the physical quality of the water as well. We measure pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, phosphorus, turbidity, those issues, as well as we'll take the bugs back into the lab that we've collected, the aquatic insects, and we'll look at a pollution tolerance scale, between zero and ten.

"For the last five or six years, coming to this place twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

"Brown's Creek has maintained about between a two and a three, on a scale of zero to ten, zero being awesome water quality where there are only bugs that are totally intolerant of pollution and ten being terrible water quality with things like leeches and other very pollution-tolerant bugs.

"Two to three has been awesome. The benefit we saw today, was the DNR came out and we actually saw some trout that we've been bragging about Brown's Creek has got such supreme water quality that it can actually handle trout, and so that was kind of the icing on the cake."

Ashley Niels

"There's actually a lot of biodiversity in creeks that people might not know about,just all the different insects and different kinds of fish. I don't know, they're pretty, too."

Ryan Hannig

"They play an important role, like in the environment with all the fresh water they provide. You know they're a great place to go down on an evening or a weekend, you can fish down here, there's a lot of trout. You can do all sorts of stuff; you can sit behind and listen to the creek, it's a nice calming sound."