Sandra Steingraber

"I live in upstate New York in a cabin east of Ithaca and the watershed in which I'm part of is in a hollow, called Ellis Hollow. There's a wetlands out behind my cabin, that wetlands actually drains into the Cascadilla Creek which in turn drains into Cayuga Lake which is the source of drinking water for the people of Ithaca. But upstream from me is a hill, and on top of the hill there's a lot of agriculture that's practiced there. Rain that falls on those agricultural fields runs down Snyder Hill, not only recharges my drinking water well, but then flows underground as groundwater and discharges out through the wetlands which then feeds the creek which then moves into the lake and the lake itself is connected to the St. Lawrence River and then out into the ocean. So, for me, I've made a decision to buy a share in an organic farm that's on top of that hill, Snyder Hill, because I know that by protecting that farm and encouraging the growth of food crops where no pesticides have been used then I'm protecting the rain that recharges my drinking water well but also I'm protecting the rivers that feed the people who live downstream from me."