Wendell Snider

"I've always loved the rivers, and I've always regretted that I didn't live on the rivers 50 years ago or 60 years ago when they had steamboats. I remember all the stories about the little kids running down to the river to the levee and hollering 'steamboat's a-coming!' and they'd know by the whistle what steamboat it was. When I got the idea to build this houseboat, it was 40-feet long and 12-feet wide. It took me with winters in Minnesota three years to build it and another year or so to get the equipment, motors and everything installed and paid for. In eleven years of traveling I logged 20,000 miles on it, was through 130 different locks, made a total of 558 lockages on 20 different rivers and tributaries.

"I traveled on the upper Mississippi, the Ohio, the Tennessee, the Cumberland, the Green Rivers south of the Ohio River, the Muskingum River in Ohio, the Allegheny River up at the head of the Ohio, the Monogahela, I went down the Tenn-Tom River from the Tennessee River down to Demopolis, Alabama and caught the Black Warrior River there near Birmingham and Mulberry and Locust forks flow together there to form the Black Warrior. I really enjoyed it. My wife didn't care for river travel, so I went alone."