Jack Skrypek

"I tend to think of a natural drainage system. And I tend to think of kind of a natural hydrology. A good example would be is how we use floodplains. Actually we should stay off of the floodplains; that's the best thing to do for the long-term. So I tend to think of working with nature rather than trying to work against nature. It seems like every time we try to confine nature we end up with problems. So it makes a lot of sense to me to look at what nature has put there and try to work with that. In other words, as I said, stay off the floodplains, be aware of the fact that rivers tend to meander on their floodplains, be aware that there is a natural drainage system that consists of rivers and wetlands. If you change that, you can have negative impacts on the whole system. So just being aware as to what nature put there and how we need to work with it to try to maintain it."