Beth Knudsen

"I grew up doing a lot of photography, and I've always found that if I throw a camera around my neck anytime I'm near whether it's a river or other natural features that it changes the way that you look at them. That you take it in a more holistic way, and you look for something a little deeper than just what you see on the outside, but something unique, or take a little more time and study what's there in a little more depth.

"And something that's quite a bit different from that, the other thing that I think of, personally as I started doing some volunteering for the PCA with stream monitoring and having a regular schedule to take samples out of a stream that I had always crossed as I had driven over it. Changes your perspective on watching it a lot more closely. Seeing how it reacts to every rainfall event. Really noticing the days it's dirty the days it's not. And so those are some things that personally have kind of enriched my way of viewing moving water."