Gary Montz

"Dragonflies are important predator insects. We're all familiar with the adults that we see zipping around in late summer feeding on many tiny insects in the air. But most dragonflies will spend most of their life as an aquatic insect living underwater. They are an ambush predator when they are underwater. They have a very unique adaptation to help catch their prey. They have what is called a labrum, which is like an arm tucked underneath their head, and it folds out and extends out in front of the dragonfly and sharp lateral hooks will snap open and stab into its prey. The labrum then jerks the prey back to the dragonfly mouth and holds it tight while the dragonfly consumes its lunch at leisure. All of this happens within the blink of an eye or snap of a finger, its incredibly fast. So the dragonfly will just sit on the bottom concealed until something unsuspecting comes too close and the labrum snaps out and the dragonfly has its meal."