Gary Montz

"There's a whole other world that's below the water surface and it's a world that not many people realize is down there; it's hidden from the view of most people. But if you could shrink yourself down to maybe an inch tall and go strolling around under the water on the river bottom you would see this universe that's populated by these most strange-looking, bizarre animals that might look like things out of science fiction movie sets.

"You'd see things like bizarre mayflies that are grazing on algae and diatoms on the rocks; stonesflies and craneflies that are shredding apart leaves that have fallen into the river and breaking these leaves into tiny little particles. You'd see amphipods or scuds that are feeding on something that has died and dropped to the bottom of the river. There are blackflies that are straining tiny particles of food out of the water current on fans on their heads and stuffing these fans whole into their mouths to eat. There are other caddisflies spinning very complex geometric nets sort of like a spider's web to filter out particles for their food. If you look around, and hopefully you'd see them before they see you, you'd see very fiercesome-looking predators, dragonfiles lying in ambush waiting for unsuspecting prey; and hellgrammites or dobsonflies with massive mandibles looking for something to tear apart and eat.

"There's the whole natural system that we see in our terrestrial world composed of grazers and decomposers and predators. They're all down here in miniature and they're all a very important and critical part of the food chain in the river systems."