Gary Montz (audio #2)

"Another aquatic insect that we want to talk about some adaptations is the whirlygig beetle. All of us are probably really familiar with these adults. We'll see them in the lakes where our cabins are and along the shorelines of the rivers. Sometimes you'll see hundreds of these adults all in a big group doing random circles and curlyques on the surface. The whirlygig beetle lives on the surface of the water and it's suspended between two different worlds: the terrestrial world that we live in and the aquatic world, the bottom of the river. So it has a special adaptation to help it in its life.

"If you looked carefully at the head of the whirlygig beetle you'd see that it has two pairs of eyes: one set of eyes looking up into our world and another pair of eyes looking down at the river bottom of the aquatic world. So it can have images from both universes coming into its mind at the same time and this can help it look for food and avoid predation."