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This project was funded by a Minnesota State Legislative appropriation to the Heritage Enhancement Account. Additional funding and support provided by the Minnesota DNR Division of Ecological Services through Lee Pfannmuller, Director. We appreciate all of the individuals from several organizations, agencies, businesses, and communities who contributed their intelligence and talent to make this program possible.

Project Team

Executive Producer and Project Director: Jan Shaw Wolff, Ecosystem Education Program coordinator
Producer and Project Assistant: Karen Terry, River ecologist and educator, Stream Habitat Program
Producer and Project co-manager: Brian Stenquist, Strategic planner
All with the Minnesota DNR Division of Ecological Services

Core Technical Team

Ian Chisholm, River ecologist and Stream Habitat Program supervisor, Ecological Services
Steve Colvin, Enviromental Management Unit supervisor, Ecological Services
Jason Moeckel, Trout stream habitat specialist, Division of Fish and Wildlife
Walt Popp, Upper Mississippi River Long-term Resource Monitoring Program manager, Ecological Services

The "How Rivers Run" section of this program is largely based on material developed by the Instream Flow Council, a group of state and provincial fishery and wildlife agencies. The Council published the book "Instream Flows for Riverine Resource Stewardship" by Annear et al. in 2002. We acknowledge Ian Chisholm's co-authorship of the book, his leadership in the Instream Flow Council, and his contributions to this product as Stream Habitat Program supervisor in the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Technical Advisory Team: Division of Ecological Services

Luther Aadland, stream ecologist/fisheries biologist
Mike Davis, Mississippi River ecologist
Jack Enblom, fisheries biologist/river surveys supervisor
Gary Montz, aquatic invertebrate zoologist
Konrad Schmidt, ichthyologist and fisheries biologist

Additional technical expertise provided by Ecological Services scientists:

Joan Galli, nongame wildlife specialist, Nongame Wildlife Program
Carol Hall, herpetologist, Minnesota County Biological Survey
Fred Harris, plant ecologist (formerly with Minnesota County Biological Survey)
Carrol Henderson, Nongame Wildlife Program supervisor
Jodie Hirsch, aquatic invertebrate zoologist
Ann Kuitunen, fisheries biologist, Stream Habitat Program
Nancy Sather, plant ecologist and writer, Natural Heritage and Nongame Research Program
Bernard Sietman, malacologist, Natural Heritage and Nongame Research Program
Welby Smith, state botanist, Natural Heritage and Nongame Research Program

Multimedia Production Team

Special acknowledgment is extended to Steve Lime, DNR MIS unit, and to Steve Adams, DogTooth Design, for applying their information technology expertise to refine and complete production of this program. "Healthy Rivers" would not have been possible without their extra attention.

Anoka Hennepin Technical College, Media Productions Services:
Bruce Anderson, Project Manager; Cory Hendrickson, Project Architect; Diane Juntti, Internet Specialist; Julie Lundquist, Technical Advisor; Kevin O'Brien, Multimedia Specialist

Independent professional services:
Steve Adams (DogTooth Design), Illustrator, Animator, Project Design Editor;
Greg Breining, Copy Editor

Multimedia Assets Development Team: DNR Creative Services Unit:

Jean Miller, Graphic Artist; Dale Newton, Videographer, Photographer, Audio Editor; Deborah Rose, Photographer, Videographer

Information Technology Support: DNR Management Information Services:

Brent Pellinen, Programmer; Sara Eliason, Web Site Coordinator; Steve Lime, Data and Applications Manager


We are grateful to Jeanne Halgren Kilde, Director of Curricular Activities and Visiting Assistant Professor at Macalester College, for her generosity in arranging our interview with Sandra Steingraber on October 30, 2002. Dr. Steingraber was a keynote speaker in Macalester College's Lilly Project for Work, Ethics and Vocation, which explores how moral, ethical, and religious concerns shape our understanding of the work we do and the meanings we attach to it.

Our interview with Dr. Daniel Janzen on October 18, 2002 was kindly arranged by Carrol Henderson with support from Pam Perry of the Nongame Wildlife Program. Dr. Janzen was a keynote speaker at the National Watchable Wildlife Conference held in St. Paul, Minnesota.

The following individuals were interviewed for "River Stories" profiles:

Jon Cole, wildlife area manager at Whitewater Wildlife Management Area, Division of Fish and Wildlife, Interview 8 April 2003 for "Flooding the Town of Beaver."
Henry Drewes, regional fisheries manager, Division of Fish and Wildlife, Bemidji, Interview April 2003 for "Reconnecting the Red River."
Doug Kingsley, area fisheries manager, Division of Fish and Wildlife, Park Rapids, Interview 7 April 2003 for "Straight River."
Bob Merritt, hydrologist, Division of Waters, Detroit Lakes, Interview 7 April 2003 for "Straight River."
Tim Schlagenhaft, Mississippi River and blufflands coordinator, Rochester, Interview 8 April 2003 for "Flooding the Town of Beaver."

Early project input and firsthand information for "What We Can Do" profiles came from:

Jason Abraham, DNR Fish and Wildlife; Pat Collins, Lake Superior Habitat Coordinator, DNR Ecological Services; Bruce Hawkinson, formerly DNR Ecological Services; Irene Jones, Friends of the Mississippi River Outreach Director; Matt Moore, South Washington Watershed District Administrator; Paul Nordell, DNR Trails and Waterways Adopt-A-River Coordinator; Bill Penning, Scott County Natural Resources Specialist (formerly with DNR Metro Greenways); Judy Thomson and Joel Stedman, Interpretive Naturalist Program, DNR Parks and Recreation; Julie Westerlund, DNR Metro Watershed Coordinator, St. Paul; and Al Stevens, Lake and Stream Survey Program Coordinator, DNR Fish and Wildlife.

We appreciate peer review of "How Rivers Run" draft manuscripts by our Minnesota DNR colleagues:

Amy Denz, Scot Johnson, Steve Johnson, and Larry Kramka, Division of Waters; Henry Drewes, Mark Ebbers, Howard Fullhart, Mark Henry, Mike Larson, Ted Sledge, and Dennis Topp, Division of Fish and Wildlife; Mike Phillips, Division of Forestry; David Wright, Division of Ecological Services.

Professionals in other organizations who reviewed select manuscripts and provided technical expertise:

Justine Barati, Rock Island District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; Karen Buehler, Mississippi Valley Division of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; Dr. Vincent Garry, Environmental Medicine and Pathology, University of Minnesota; Dr. Melinda Knutson, Wildlife Biologist, U.S.G.S. Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center; Molly McGregor and Daniel Olson, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency; Dottie Shay, Environmental Coordinator, General Mills, Incorporated; and Sandy Verry, U.S. Forest Service.

Product design and layout were enhanced with input from DNR colleagues:

Amy Beyer, Thomas R. Klein, Kelly Randall, Steve Seefeldt, and Adele Smith.

Additional IT support, programming expertise, and product testing were provided by DNR Management Information Services:

Brian Askin, Richard Erdman, Carol Johnson, Joseph Pugh, and Jamison Stepan.

Thanks to our administrative unit for handling project contracts and financial transactions:

Lori Caspers, Brenda Henry, Karen Mayen, Lynn Pierce, and Carol Rushenberg. We also appreciate assistance from Joe Kurcinka and Sandy Lueth in the DNR's Office of Management and Budget Services.

Literature searches and locating source materials were greatly enhanced through the services of Jo Ann Musumeci, DNR Senior Reference Librarian, and her assistant, Diane Vejtruba.

Gratitude is extended to individuals who conducted beta testing of "Healthy Rivers":

Minnesota DNR professionals: Yvette Anderson, Bob Bystrom, Amy Denz, Dawn Flinn, Carrol Henderson, Scot Johnson, Mary McFadden-Lesar, Meredith McNab, Gary Montz, Peder Otterson, Walter Popp, Kelly Randall, Al Stevens, Julie Westerlund, Heidi Wolf. External partners: Carolyn Dindorf, Fortin Consulting, Inc.; Christopher Feider, Eco Education; Patrick Hamilton, Science Museum of Minnesota; Irene Jones, Friends of the Mississippi River; Jeff Ledermann, Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance; Matt Moore, South Washington Watershed District; Susan Overson, National Park Service; and Jim Von Haden, National Park Service.

Sources for additional multimedia assets include:

Photographic images: "Healthy Rivers:" is graced with beautiful images provided by many photographers in addition to the project photographer, Deborah Rose. Among them, our colleagues in Ecological Services were extremely generous in sharing their work: Carol D. Hall, Carrol Henderson, Jodie Hirsch, Gary Montz, Konrad Schmidt, and Welby Smith. Other colleagues (currently or formerly with the DNR) who provided file photos or whose photos are used include: Conrad Christianson, Robert Dana, Marilyn Danks, Mike Davis, Barbara C. Delaney, Hannah Dunevitz, Steve Enger, Mike Halverson, Doug Kingsley, Ann Kuitunen, Jason Moeckel, Michael D. Lee, Doug Norris, Dave Palmquist, Holly Sandbo, Dan Swanson, Karen Terry, Julie Westerlund, Jan Shaw Wolff, Daniel Wovcha, Scott C. Zager.

Contributors outside of the DNR who provided photographic images are: Lynn Betts, NRCS; Connie Fortin, Fortin Consulting Inc.; J. Drake Hamilton; Dean C. Hansen; Rick Hart, NOAA; Tom Helgeson, Midwest Fly Fishing Magazine; Robert J. Hurt Landscape Photographer, Architectural Environments, Email:; Nancy Jacobson, Frazee Elementary School; Irene Jones, Friends of the Mississippi River; Doug Kingsley and Ron Miller; Jeff Lepp, NRCS; John Lyons, Wisconsin DNR; City of Maplewood; Tim McCabe, NRCS; Minnesota Pollution Control Agency; Dr. Barney Oldfield; Gregory Page, St. Paul Riverfront Corporation; Gyles W. Randall, University of Minnesota; Dr. Lynn Rogers; Rebecca Sherman, American Rivers; Wendell Snider; Amy Souers, American Rivers; Phil and Judy Sublett; U. S. Army Corps of Engineers; U. S. Department of Agriculture; Jeff Vanuga, NRCS; Steven Waldhauser and Susan Radtke for the photo of their sons holding the blue sucker; Gary Wege, USFWS; Winona County Historical Society; Marc Yaggi, Riverkeeper, Inc.

Graphic Illustrations and Maps: Jean Miller produced all graphic illustrations in the program except where noted. Original hydrographs were prepared by Karen Terry and refined by Jean Miller. The five-component graphic produced by Jean Miller was based on original material developed by the Minnesota DNR stream habitat program. Steve Adams contributed his artwork and graphic animations as well as design and layout expertise. Shelly Buitenwerf, Minnesota DNR GIS Coordinator prepared ArcView project maps for "River Stories." Other graphic illustrations were provided by: William A. Battaglin, USGS; Gideon Berger, The Nature Conservancy; Ron Finger, Redpine; Mark Nowlin; Matt Kania Map Illustrations, Map Hero, Inc.; Minnesota DNR Division of Waters; Bruce A. Stein, NatureServe. Thanks to Susan Kaneko Binkley, Art Director of the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer for assistance in obtaining and applying graphics originally published in that magazine.

Video footage and audio tracks: Dale Newton, project videographer, filmed the Brown's Creek project and stream habitat model and edited all video clips. He recorded and edited all interview segments, and edited all music clips. Kayaker footage is compliments of DNR state parks; Dave Friedl, Minnesota DNR Area Fisheries Supervisor, provided the video clip of fish passage over Dunton Locks. Ronald F. Anderson and Karen Sunderman from PBS eight, WDSE-TV Duluth Superior Area Educational Television Corporation contributed video footage from Venture North programs produced for the DNR Nongame Wildlife Program. Program segments are: Topeka Shiner, American Brook Lamprey, Wood Turtles. Mike Davis provided the mussel lure video clip.

Music: We appreciate the opportunity to feature original string band music in "River Stories" (except the Gulf of Mexico profile) provided by the Tickwood String Band, whose members are: Katy Olson, fiddle; Ron Roller, guitar; Betsy Wells, bass; Doug Wells, banjo.

In compiling the lengthy list of the numerous contributors to this program, we may have inadvertently omitted names of important individuals. If so, our sincere apology for the oversight.

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