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Citizen scientists
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Another way to help river systems-be a citizen scientist. Citizen volunteers play important roles in monitoring the environmental health of river and stream communities.

Retirees can play an active role. Wendell Snider, a retired veteran from Hastings, is a diligent observer, recorder and reporter of wildlife along the Mississippi River.

Every day of the year, Mr. Snider pushes his walker along the trail that flanks Lake Rebecca to record activities of bald eagles and peregrine falcons. His information is an important data source for the DNR's Nongame Wildlife Program and the Natural Heritage Information System, a statewide database of Minnesota's rare species and natural features. Mr. Snider's acute observation skills also helped solve a wildlife mystery. Listen to the audio to learn more.

Joan Galli Wendell Snicder
Hear Joan Galli and Wendell Snider
A wildlife mystery solved
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