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Common wealth from healthy rivers
Natural templates

Models for innovative design: An exciting revolution in design is transforming the way we live on earth. Biomimicry is the quest for innovation inspired by nature and living systems. By studying nature's greatest achievements, scientists and inventors are applying the wisdom and genius of nature to live more sustainably. As Janine M. Benyus, author of the book "Biomimicry" explains, "unlike the Industrial Revolution, the Biomimicry Revolution introduces an era based not on what we can extract from nature, but on what we can learn from her. Biomimics are discovering what works in the natural world, and more important, what lasts. After 3.8 billion years of research and development, failures are fossils, and what surrounds us is the secret to survival" (Benyus, 1997).

By protecting river systems and the species that inhabit them, we are protecting our future options for better design. We may follow the exquisite chemistry of a mussel to develop non-toxic, waterproof adhesives, or copy the spider's steel-strong silk web.

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Common Wealth
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