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Introduction How Rivers Run Stories Value Of A River What We Can Do
Common wealth from healthy rivers
Generating power

Energy-solar, wind, thermal and mechanical: Capturing and converting the ultimate energy source-the sun-is achieved through photosynthesis. Plants are sustained by water and form the basis for all food chains.

Wind is the result of gulf streams and air currents carried over oceans. The hydrologic cycle drives, and is driven by, weather and wind patterns.

Water acts as a major thermal regulator to moderate temperatures in nature. Massive quantities of water are used to heat and cool industrial manufacturing processes and to clean equipment. Tremendous amounts of water energy fuel steam engines, hydroelectric dams, coal-burning power plants, and nuclear power plants.

Streams remove, dilute, break down, and recycle effluent. They remove and dissipate waste heat, such as cooling water from power plants.

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A New Stream
Common Wealth
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