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Introduction How Rivers Run Stories Value Of A River What We Can Do
Common wealth from healthy rivers
Supplying freshwater and pure water

Freshwater: Freshwater makes up less than 3% of the planet's total water with icecaps and glaciers comprising more than 2% of that. Freshwater is continually recycled from salt water and refreshed through the hydrologic cycle.

We drink, breathe, wash, cook, clean, flush wastes, and are able to exist because of fresh water. Freshwater, as an economic good, is not substitutable. Nothing can take its place, because freshwater is an ecological imperative for human survival. Therefore, the ecosystem service of providing freshwater through healthy river systems is of paramount concern.

Water purification: Natural filters, terrestrial and aquatic plants almost miraculously clean our soil, water, and air through their uptake and release of compounds. A healthy forest is as much a water purification plant as it is a water factory as it is a carbon farm as it is a source of wood fiber.

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