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Common wealth from healthy rivers
Ecosystem resiliency

In spite of wildlife population declines, deformities, and other disturbing trends, we know that long-term improvements to the health of river systems can create conditions that allow native populations to recover, reproduce, and hopefully persist. The ability of ecosystems to heal is fundamental to sustaining life.

A well respected ichthyologist, Jim Underhill, marveled at the resiliency of many fish species. The bluntnose darter was thought to be extirpated in this region after a gap of 52 years without observations, but it was documented in 1997 in Pine Creek, south of LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

One of the most powerful examples of ecosystem recovery is the story of Pool 2 on the Mississippi River. Listen to the audio to learn more about the recovery of Pool 2.

Jack Skrypek
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Trouble in River City
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System upgrades
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From sludge worms to mayflies
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