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Water - But Not Too Much - for Valley Branch Creek
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Concerned citizens, technical experts, and officials began meeting in 1997 to craft a plan to protect Valley Branch. The group received a $5,000 Greenways and Natural Areas Grant from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and a $6,000 match from the Valley Branch Watershed District to inventory the stream corridor and update a land-use and land cover map for the watershed.

The group set goals and strategies to protect Valley Branch as a trout stream, among them:

To work with cities to better manage storm runoff, primarily by employing landscaping methods and installing devices such as "French drains" (permeable underground drainage) to encourage water to infiltrate on site and recharge the aquifer rather than run off to storm sewers.

To monitor well development to protect the base flow of groundwater to Valley Branch.

To limit development in sensitive areas near the creek.

To encourage landowners to maintain natural riparian buffer zones.

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