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Introduction How Rivers Run Stories Value Of A River What We Can Do
Beauty, Order, Productivity
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Follow the brook downstream. It joins another and another, until it spreads so wide you can barely throw a rock across. Now, it slides easily through riffles and glides through long clear pools. A heron stalks the shallows, spearing fish. Cast a lure for smallmouth bass and rock bass.

Let the current carry you along. The stream grows, taking in tributaries, growing wider and murkier. Towns and cities sit on its banks. Water rushes over dams, and through locks. Tows push rafts of barges. Eagles perch in trees. Waterfowl flock in backwaters. Anglers fish for walleyes and catfish. These are the rivers-the Mississippi, the Yangtze, the Thames, the Nile-that give birth to nations.

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