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Introduction How Rivers Run Stories Value Of A River What We Can Do
About this program - Ways to use it

We hope you enjoy interacting with the information in this program and gain some insights and new ideas about river systems. Consider using this product in different ways:

  • as a self-guided tutorial to use at your convenience in the comfort of your home or office, or while traveling;
  • as an entertaining and effective presentation technique to use in public settings;
  • as a classroom resource for educators and naturalists;
  • as a curriculum for community forums, lecture series, study circles and other venues;
  • as a project management tool to build shared understanding around land use planning, proposed development projects, community design, and water management decisions;
  • as a foundation reference to inform citizens and voters of important considerations and issues affecting river systems.

We realize most users of this product are already local leaders making a positive difference in their own watershed. May this program strengthen your efforts, encourage you to share your own story, and provide an outreach tool to recruit others.

Like river systems, information also travels in streams. If you find this program to be useful, we ask you to share it and to spread the word. May we each be part of a greater ripple effect of positive change!

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