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About this program - How it is organized

Built in a browser-based format just like an internet site, this program allows you to easily navigate through different sections and topics within the program itself. For users with internet access, it also provides links to external web sites and e-mail addresses.

The program is organized much like a book, with major sections resembling chapters, and topics and subtopics contained within each section. Users can step through the entire program from start to finish in a linear fashion (like turning the sequential pages of a book) by clicking the "Next" button on each screen. Users can easily navigate from section to section, or from topic to topic, by clicking on the section headings on the top bar, or by clicking on topics and subtopics in submenus on the right of each screen.

Unlike a book, the multimedia program offers an array of interactive elements to engage learners. There are dynamic video segments to watch, active graphic animations that unfold before your eyes, and many thought-provoking audio clips that invite you to sit back, relax, and just listen.

To help you see the full scope of what is included in this CD-ROM program, we have provided a Table of Contents.

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About this Program
Guiding Principles
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