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About this program - Why it was produced

The content for this program was developed by an interdisciplinary group of natural resource professionals-ecologists, fisheries biologists, aquatic biologists, hydrologists, and water chemists-who have been working in the area of systems ecology and water management for many years. It was enhanced with review and input from additional technical specialists in areas such as ichthyology, botany, herpetology, malacology, ornithology and zoology.

This program shares our experience, expertise, and insights on what we believe to be the most important topics of our time about river systems and ways to sustainably manage them. It grew out of the sobering reality that our river resources are not only poorly understood, but they are being exploited at rates that jeopardize their future-and ours.

We feel a responsibility to communicate our current understanding of river systems in ways that might add to the intelligence and stewardship efforts of receptive citizens. This interactive product provides an efficient way to do that. While the topic is technical and far-reaching, the project team labored to distill and interpret scientific information that could effectively reach users with no technical background in natural resources and river management.

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