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Understanding how rivers run also enables us to restore rivers to ecological health-as sources of drinking water, as fisheries, as habitats for a variety of life-as sustainable ecosystems. As you will see, restoration without knowledge of how a river works has most often led to failure. The program provides many examples of how people-concerned citizens, farmers, private organizations, and public agencies-have restored badly degraded rivers to good health.

By better understanding how river systems function, public and nonprofit organizations can better inform the public debate, advocate more effective policies, and be more persuasive in the public arena. Businesses and local governments can improve the urban watershed through their decisions and actions. Farmers, ranchers and other large rural landowners are in a unique position to apply this knowledge to restore and maintain high-quality streams on their properties. A deeper understanding of river systems can guide individual choice and action from each of us. An informed citizenry can make a big difference through their votes, voices, and vocations.

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